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Polar Pure Water Disinfectant is not available for sale at this time. If you would like to see Polar Pure available again as an option for water treatment, please see below for a way to help. Your action and opinion can make a difference.

Limited offer for customers to purchase empty Polar Pure bottles

Our efforts over the past three years to obtain an exemption in order to make Polar Pure Water Disinfectant available for sale again has so far been unsuccessful. We have met and corresponded with many political officials as well as DOJ and DEA representatives. Our efforts as well as testimonials and letters from many of you to the "powers that be" will, we hope, help us toward a return to business.

Empty Polar Pure bottle purchase

Over the last three years we have been contacted by many customers asking to purchase empty Polar Pure bottles during this interim. These customers informed us that they have found various sources of crystal iodine available for sale online and want to fill their own bottles until we can get back in business.

At this time, we are limiting empty bottle purchases to two bottles. These bottles are for personal use only and are not intended for resale. Each bottle includes the directions and dosage table printed on the bottle, bottle cap and particle trap inside the bottle. The price per bottle is $17.00. Free shipping to US addresses. Please contact us at questions@polarequipment.com for ordering information.


Why can't I buy Polar Pure, and what is the problem you are having with the State of CA and the DEA [federal Drug Enforcement Administration]?
How can I help?


Because of regulations with the state of CA and federal DEA, we have been unable to purchase iodine in order to manufacture and sell Polar Pure since May 2011. Polar Pure is no longer available for sale anywhere.

We continue to work toward making Polar Pure available again as an effective option for customers concerned with water disinfection. Meanwhile, we welcome your comments, questions, and experiences using Polar Pure. Please contact us at questions@polarequipment.com

See "The Issue with Polar Pure" below for more information.


Why don't you just move out of California?


Many of you have asked this question. We are a very small family business and handle the entire manufacturing process from assembly to shipping. We also employ the services of many local businesses to make Polar Pure possible - from the screening of the directions on the bottles to fabrication of the display boxes. Our family and business has been in California for decades and a move to another state would mean more than just relocating our business. While we are required by the state of CA to possess a permit to purchase and sell iodine, we are also required to obtain DEA registration no matter where we operate our business. In addition, it seems that most states have the same or similar regulations regarding iodine as well as the many other common household products used by individuals who illicitly manufacture methamphetamine.

Our goal is to continue to live and run our business in California and make Polar Pure available as an inexpensive, effective choice for water treatment.


The advantage and the issue with Polar Pure Water Disinfectant is the iodine.

While iodine proves to be an effective method for water disinfection, it can somehow be used as one of many ingredients used in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine. There are apparently many methods used to manufacture methamphetamine using common household products, but not all require iodine.

The DEA and the State of CA (as well as other states) implemented stricter regulations for iodine as well as many other products (such as ephedrine) in an attempt to control possible diversion for illicit use. Iodine was reclassified as a "controlled substance". While individuals still find an illicit way around the regulations to continue to manufacture meth., we are unable to purchase iodine for the legitimate purpose of manufacturing Polar Pure.

Because Polar Pure uses iodine as its method to disinfect water, it, by default, becomes a "controlled substance" and falls under these rules and regulations. These regulations must be followed by our company as well as any retail merchants wishing to sell Polar Pure. Please refer to our Water Disinfection page for a brief history of our company, Polar Equipment, Inc. and Polar Pure Water Disinfectant.

According to these regulations, we, and any retail merchant wishing to sell Polar Pure, or any other non-exempt iodine containing product must obtain DEA registration (and any state requirements where they reside). The permit and registration process include a $1000 application fee to the state of CA and nearly $1200 to the DEA plus annual renewals as well as an extensive company investigation.

Without the state permit and DEA registration, we are unable to purchase iodine in order to manufacture and sell Polar Pure. Retail merchants cannot purchase Polar Pure for resale without the same permit and registration documents (including fees and renewals) and following the same record keeping and paperwork required for every sale. Other requirements and restrictions are also imposed, which are not listed here. For further information, refer to the links below to the regulation documents for the state of CA and the DEA.

We are working toward obtaining an exemption to the regulations for Polar Pure. Many iodine containing products have been granted an exemption to the rules and regulations based on medical or health related benefit. We believe that Polar Pure offers a genuine public health benefit in that it kills water borne pathogens and prevents illness. Polar Pure is an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit, foreign travel and backpacking/outdoor adventure kit. We feel that Polar Pure is deserving of the same exemption.

It is our hope to once again make Polar Pure available for the many legitimate customers concerned about effective water treatment. We appreciate the many e-mail messages of support, frustration, and testimonials that we have received.

We encourage you to contact the individuals listed below to voice your opinion and help to make Polar Pure available for sale again. Spread the word!

If you would like to read through the State of CA and DEA rules and regulations regarding iodine, use the following links:

State of CA Health and Safety Code Section 11100-11111

DEA Regulations FR Doc E7-12736


We have received this question from many long-time customers, and those wishing to purchase Polar Pure for the first time. One way that you can help is to write to both the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) and to the Administrator of the DEA. Explain why it is important to you that Polar Pure continue to be made available for sale as your choice for water treatment and any experiences you have had using it.

Your opinion can make a difference.

It appears that mailing a letter may be the best option - no direct e-mail addresses are apparent for the directors of the State of CA CA DOJ or the DEA. We thank you for your efforts.

Please address your correspondence to:

For California DOJ--

Mail to:
Mr. Larry J. Wallace, Director
Division of Law Enforcement
Attorney Generals Office
CA Department of Justice
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

For Federal DEA --

Ms. Michele Leonhart, DEA Administrator
U.S. Department of Justice
8701 Morrisette Drive
Springfield, VA 22152

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