Using Polar Pure

Polar Equipment utilizes a unique bottle design featuring a particle trap to prevent loss of iodine crystals during decanting for water treatment. Your bottle cap is used to measure the required amount of Polar Pure needed to disinfect each quart/liter bottle of water.


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Step One:

PREPARE SOLUTION -- Fill your Polar Pure bottle with water, cap tightly, shake side to side briefly, and set aside. Solution will be ready to use in one hour. The bottle cap of your Polar Pure bottle is used to measure the amount of Polar Pure solution needed to treat the water in your quart/liter bottle of water. We recommend always keeping your bottle filled with water to help decrease vaporization of the iodine and so that it will be ready to use when needed.

Step Two:

TREAT YOUR WATER -- When your Polar Pure solution is ready, pour the required capfuls of solution into your quart/liter container(s) of water. A green dot on the dosage table on the side of the Polar Pure bottle indicates the number of capfuls of solution required for treatment.

Tightly cap your quart/liter bottle of water, shake gently to mix and let stand for 20 minutes. Water to be treated that is colder than 68° F will require longer treatment time.

Step Three:

REFILL YOUR POLAR PURE BOTTLE -- Refill your Polar Pure bottle with water, shake side to side, and tightly cap. The solution will be ready to use again in one hour. It is best to keep your bottle filled and ready to use at all times.

Temperature / Dosage Table -- We periodically receive requests for a conversion chart for temperature of solution as related to dosage required. Please click here to view table.


Juice mixes -- Juice mixes or flavorings can be added to your quart/liter of water AFTER treatment of water is complete. We recommend thorough cleaning of bottles (or mix in a separate bottle) if they contained juice mixes or flavorings as this may effect treatment of water.

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Uses For Polar Pure

Polar Pure Water Disinfectant can be used for:

The small size, indefinite shelf life, and easy use make Polar Pure Water Disinfectant the choice of many outdoors enthusiasts and those concerned with emergency preparedness.

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Helpful Hints

Maximizing the use of Polar Pure:

The iodine solution in your Polar Pure bottle is capable of disinfecting between two and six quarts/liters of water at one time before refilling. The amount of Polar Pure solution needed varies with the solution temperature. Warmer solution will have a higher concentration (saturation) of iodine, so, fewer capfuls will be required and more quart/liters of water can be treated before refilling the Polar Pure bottle. One way to increase the saturation of the solution is to warm the filled bottle of Polar Pure. This can be achieved by placing the bottle in a dry, sunny spot prior to use.

Holding a piece of fabric over the opening of your quart/liter container when filling with water will act as a pre-filter blocking large organic particles (bugs, leaves, etc.), thereby increasing the efficiency of Polar Pure.

Polar Equipment recommends that each person carry his or her own bottle of Polar Pure to ensure sufficient quantities of safe drinking water.

Keep your bottle filled at all times:

We recommend that you keep your bottle of Polar Pure filled with water at all times. Iodine by nature sublimates (vaporizes) readily and the vapors can even seep through a tightly capped bottle. Keeping the bottle filled with water will reduce this vaporization and your bottle will be ready to use when needed. Read about protection from freezing below.

Eliminating iodine taste / smell:

Iodine taste (actually odor, sensed in the nose) is usually unnoticed below 2-3 ppm (parts per million). Some people like to add flavoring to their water to cover this taste. Any flavoring, sugar, or vitamin C can be added to the water AFTER the necessary disinfection time.

Protect filled bottle of Polar Pure from freezing:

Once your Polar Pure bottle is filled with water, it is important to avoid freezing. The glass bottle could crack due to expansion of the liquid inside if frozen. If you are hiking in freezing conditions, keep your bottle of Polar Pure in an inside pocket close to your body or with you in your sleeping bag.

When not in use, store your bottle of Polar Pure where it will not freeze between uses. Emptying the bottle is not necessary in normal situations and it is best to have it filled and ready to use when needed.

NOTE -- The effectiveness of Polar Pure is not altered by freezing.

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